Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

Welcome back to Girl Scouts after what I hope was a great holiday break!

Here is a recap of our activities in the fall.  We started off the year with Fall Product Sales, with most of the girls attending the Rally, and having a great time.  Pictures were posted on the last blog, so check them out.  Our troop made about $78 through fall product sales, and that was with only two girls selling!  Thanks to Ellie and Isabella for helping the troop out with their sales.  Imagine what we could do next year with the whole troop selling!

During our September meeting, we reviewed the badge work we began last year on our It's Your Story, Tell It! journey.  Last year we began talking about stereotypes, and this fall, as part of their "Speak Out" badge, they began developing skits that address stereotypes, particularly against girls, and show how the stereotypes can be busted.  They have done most of this work completely on their own and have come up with some great ideas.  We'll have a performance for some of the younger girl scout troops after a little more practice, completing the badge requirements.  

Along those lines, during our October meeting, we took a look at the way advertising uses stereotypes of women to sell their products, and how it distorts the images of women so that no girl could ever measure up to the images they see advertised.  After that meeting, two of our girls used that topic for their persuasive speech in Mrs. Guerra's class!  I was a proud leader.  

November was a very busy month!  First, in a joint girl scout meeting with all the SPX troops, we decorated our Christmas ornaments for the SPX Girl Scout Christmas tree at Celebration in the Oaks. Thanks to Jennifer Fields for helping us put together the most adorable ornaments!

For our November meeting, we started with an activity new to most of the girls--Geocaching!  We are only two requirements away from earning our badge.  Geocaching is like a treasure hunt.  Thousands of geocaches are hidden all over the world in all kinds of hidden containers.  To find one, we went to the website which gives clues and GPS coordinates.  With a GPS enabled device, like an iPhone with a maps app, or even a simple compass if you know how to use it, you can usually find the treasure.  The idea is to take the prize inside and leave something of equal or greater value.  We went on a hunt and found one right outside the SPX grounds during our November meeting!  This one was a micro cache (so tiny! about the size of the end of my pinky finger!) and only had a rolled up sign-in log inside.  It was rolled so tightly we didn't dare take it out fearing we might not get it back in, but the girls were excited about finding one.  Our next project is to make a prize to leave behind in a larger cache next time.  

For the rest of that night, we had our backyard campout at the Chachere's house!  The girls had fun pitching the giant tent and making their own meals:  lemon chicken in foil packets (delicious!), caesar salad, fruit salad, and Hawaiian rolls, all hot food made either on the grill or over the fire.  And of course there were s'mores for dessert.  A great time was had by all--thanks again to the Chacheres for hosting!  

One more November event for some of our girls was the Camp Marydale Horsepick Hoof Camp.  Isabella, Sofia Butler, Tori, and Kerri braved three very cold days in St. Francisville just before Thanksgiving and learned all about taking care of and riding horses.  They have some great stories to tell!

In December the girls worked some more on their skits, and then we had a Christmas party!  The girls divided into two groups and decorated a "tree" with whatever scraps I provided.  The pictures can describe it better than I can.  I'll let you decide who won that contest, because I thought they were both perfect!  Jaylin and Sofia were great sports to volunteer to be the trees!

Last Friday was our annual cookie rally, and today is the first day of cookie sales.  At the meeting I will be handing out the cookie packets to whoever has a permission slip signed.  If you have not already signed your permission slip, please make arrangements to do so as soon as possible!  Girls cannot sell without having it signed.  Remember to bring your drivers license!  

Your girls are awesome and I love being their leader!  Looking forward to a great spring!

Girls Brave the Cold at Camp Marydale Horsepick Hoof Camp!

Working diligently on busting a stereotype!
And having fun while doing it!
Girl Scout Trees!

It's Cookie Time!