Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Welcome to a New Girl Scout Year!

Greetings Girl Scout Juniors and parents!  A new year of scouting has begun.

We had our first meeting on Friday, Sept. 6, which was basically an ice-breaker/planning meeting.  We had 8 girls at the meeting, plus one who plans to join us in the future.  Our 2013-14 Juniors are:

Sofia Butler, Grace Chachere, Tori Daniels, Isabella Farrugia, Savannah Fields, 
Ellie Karcher, Kerri Rose, Jaylin St. Martin, Sofi Venezia

The girls caught me up on all they had been doing, earned the Bee Your Best You "patch of the month" for September, and helped me plan some upcoming events.

The first big decision we made was to sell Fall Product for the first time this year.  It's just like selling cookies, only the products are nuts and candies and magazine subscriptions.  The sales period is between Oct. 4--27.  It's a great way to make some start up money for the troop, plus when we sell cookies we get more money per box just by participating.

Here are the remaining meeting dates for this year.  Please note that when we are in the Multi-purpose room, we are allowed to stay until 5:30, but when we are in Mrs. Karcher's classroom we must be out by 4:30.  I'm going to try to do some outdoor activities on those days, so the meetings may last longer.  I will let you know in plenty of time.  Also, I have assigned snack:

Sept. 27:  MPR 3:20-5:30         Sofi Venezia
Oct. 18:  Karcher 3:20-4:30     Jaylin St. Martin
Nov. 15:  Karcher 3:20-4:30     Kerri Rose
Dec. 13:  MPR  3:20-5:30         Ellie Karcher  
Jan. 17:  MPR 3:20-5:30          Isabella Farrugia
Feb. 14:  MPR 3:20-5:30          Savannah Fields
Mar. 14:  Karcher 3:20-4:30     Tori Daniels
Apr. 11:  MPR 3:20-5:30          Grace Chachere
May 16:  Karcher 3:20-4:30      Sofia Butler

Please have the girls wear uniforms and bring their small aMuse workbooks to all meetings.  Let me know if they don't have one and I can make a copy of the material we will be using.  They will not need their binders.  At our next meeting, please bring chapter dues of $35 plus $15 for each adult registration if you would like me to register for you. Adults need to register to go camping or to be in charge of any outings.  I encourage moms AND dads to register!  

I got a good response from people being willing to help.  Here is where I need you:  

First and most important, I need at least one co-leader.  Bronwyn and Debby were my co-leaders last year, and neither of their girls have returned.  It's mandatory that I have another adult listed, but I promise it will not be a lot of work.  

Second, I could really use help with fall product and/or cookie sales.  Training is Sept. 17 or Sept. 24 from 6-8 at the New Orleans office.  I plan to go on the 24th.  Would love some company!

Third, I need to know who is first aid trained, and really need to have another adult in the troop who is outdoor/camping trained.  You have to have both to do troop camping, and in the past we have had problems coordinating trips because of this.  Visit http://www.gsle.org/learning/camping_skills.asp to see what is involved in the training and let me know if this is something you think you could do.

Lastly, I need help at the meetings.  Please pick a meeting and commit to it.  It does not have to be your snack meeting.  If you don't have any particular badge you want to work on, I have plenty of ideas!  Brian Karcher has expressed interest in working on the First Aid badge.  I would like to do the Geocaching badge, plus the rest of the aMuse badgework we have already started.  Dana may do the Simple Meals badge.  We plan to attend events where we can work on the Playing the Past, Savvy Shopper, and Product Design badges.  Look through the binder and see if there is anything you and your daughter are interested in.  

Upcoming events:
September 27:  meeting, fall product discussion, work on aMuse Speak Out badge

September 29:  Wonder of Water Family Fun Day at Camp Whispering Pines
Grab your swim suits and come find out why we call Camp Whispering Pines our water camp! You and your family will spend the day swimming, canoeing, and playing on our big new water toys. We will also have a fishing competition to see who can reel in the biggest catch from Timber Lake.

October 4-27:  Fall Product Sales

October 11: Service Unit Fish Fry--more info soon

October 12:  Renaissance Fest Theater workshop
A very popular event for all! The Louisiana Renaissance Festival will host their Theater Workshop for girls in grades 4 & 5 on October 12, 2013. Your day begins with a welcome and brief meeting with a few of the village nobility. You and your troop will then be escorted to each of the stations set up around the village. Each station will fulfill a requirement toward the Playing the Past Badge. The day will end with a short performance of our “peasant court” and finally the presentation of workshop certificates to each of the girls. The event is designed based on the Playing the Past Junior Badge requirements.

Save the Dates:  Camping!
The girls have expressed interest in winter camping.  There is a Thanksgiving week 3 day horse camp at Marydale
Nov. 24-26 (Sunday-Tuesday):  Marydale Hoof Pick Horse Camp
Get ready for some fun, friendship, and horses! You will learn the basics of Western riding from members of the Wranglers/Spurs group as well as tons of hands-on activities related to horse care, barn maintenance and, if weather permits, a trail ride. You will also have time for some horse-themed games and “bling” a bandana to wear home! 

WInter camping could also happen in December or January as part of a service unit campout.  Otherwise, here are some fun possibilities:

March 21-23:  CWP Camporee
Come and enjoy a fun-filled weekend at camp! Compete with your team (teams assigned at the event) in outdoor activities and survival games to include canoeing, building a fire, building a shelter, ropes course, and much more! Bake your own special birthday cake or other goodies beforehand to bring and share with your Girl Scout sisters at Saturday night dinner as we celebrate our 102nd Anniversary! 

April 12-13:  USS Kidd plus Product Design Badge
The U.S.S. KIDD invites Girl Scouts to come take over the ship! Experience firsthand the close quarters living that a World War II sailor would have endured as you and over 140 other Girl Scouts from across the council camp overnight aboard the U.S.S. KIDD! Special activities and presentations will be scheduled for the evening. This is always a popular event! 
    **I would be piggybacking this event on a product design badge workshop on that Saturday also in 
       Baton Rouge--two birds with one stone!

So, it looks like we have a fun year in store.  Looking forward to it!

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