Friday, April 12, 2013

Update, Spring 2013 and Photos!

Hello all!  We had a great meeting today!  The girls pitched tents in the park behind school AND broke them down, mostly by themselves, in under 30 minutes!  I wish I had taken pictures.  They worked together in teams, and learned the basics: finding level ground and NO ANTHILLS, putting the ground cover down, how to unfold and fold the poles, staking, the rain fly.  They did it all!

We did it today because May 10 will be our next camping outing, and they will be sleeping in tents on Zephyr Field!  I will need to collect $25 per person as soon as possible.  If anyone wants to go to the game and not sleep out, it is $7.  I will put together a list of supplies, but it will be lighter than usual because the meals are covered.

Uniforms were abundant today!  Almost everyone had one, but a couple are still missing.  I finally had to bite the bullet and get a new one.  I was reminded recently that they are required to be in uniform for any cookie sales, and I did not enforce that well this year.  Next year will be better!  Plus, the vests really reflect all the great things the girls have been doing.  I'll show you Isabella's so you can see what it should look like.  Have them wear it with pride!

Bridging patches
Cookie Rally and Tea Party patches
Social Butterfly and Camping Patches at the bottom
aMuse Reach Out! Badge

See the little orange dot on the right?  In the last few meetings, the girls have been earning their aMuse "It's Your Story, Tell It!" badges, starting with the first one, "Reach Out."  I gave it out at the meeting today, so be looking for it, please!  Every girl put it away somewhere safe, so they told me.  When you put it on, leave some room for the other two patches which circle around that one.  It will look like this:

Part of that badge is understanding stereotypes, especially those for women, and how girls can break out of them and be whoever they want to be.  We've been talking a lot about that in the last few meetings, and the girls have a lot to say!  It is amazing how far they have come in terms of what they believe they can do and should do, but some old ideas still persist.  I encourage parents to talk to your daughters about the things we discussed.


The next part of the badge, "Speak Out," is an interview with a woman they admire.  We have decided to interview a panel of women as a group.  That means you, moms!  On May 17, we are having our last meeting, and we would love to have as many moms as possible come to the meeting be a part of the panel.  You are a powerful group and each of you has a great story to tell.  We have teachers, scientists, business women, moms, and lots more!  They have questions for you.  The panel will be at our regular meeting time, but may last a bit longer than usual.  Please let me know if you can make it!  The girls are all so proud of their moms and really want each of you to be there.

Only 2 meetings left!  We are meeting next week, and then not until May 17 (hopefully with all of you).  Looking ahead, mark your calendars for a service unit camping trip the weekend of Sept. 27.  We've had a great year!  Here are some pics!

Cookie Rally 2013

Cookies Rule!  Making Gift of Caring Bags

Showing the little ones how it's done!

Even Jack got into the act!

McFadden Cabin Hike


...and crazy!

Where are the ghosts?

Tree climbing--a great girl scout skill!

At the peristyle

Morning Call!!!!!!!!

Getting Ready for the Fasion Show

It's Your Story, Tell It!  Nicholls State

So cheerful!

Safety First!
Having fun and making friends!

With Hugo the Hornet!
snackin' and chillin' 

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