Friday, March 8, 2013

Meeting 3/8/2013

Roll Call:  Mae-Mae
Promise:  Kaylor
Law:  Jaylin
Pledge:  Grace
Hostesses:  Tori  Sofia B., Savannah
Jumping:  Kerri, Sofi. V, 
Circle Starter:  Isabella

Roll Call, Promise, Law and Pledge, please 
come forward!


Snack & Reports on Latest events
    Tea Party
    It's Your Story, Tell It!
    Booth Sales

Camping March 15-17

Who's going?

St. Martins (4)
Fields (0) please confirm
Karcher (0) confirmed
Grimms (2)
Venezias (4)
Daniels (0) please confirm
Corcorans (0) confirmed
Rose (0) please confirm
Farrugias (4)
Chacheres (0) confirmed
Butlers (3)

What are we eating?

Friday night, brown bag dinner (or stop on the way), each family responsible for selves.  

Saturday/Sunday morning, do we want to do just cold breakfasts?  Definitely on Sunday because we will want to get on the road.  Maybe something hot for Saturday morning like pancakes/bacon?  (Pre-cooked, just heat and eat).  Does anyone have a decent camping stove?  Mine did not perform too well last time.  I'd like to have a back up!

Lunch Saturday, sandwiches, chips, cookies, fruit.

Dinner Saturday, big meal.  Thinking maybe something like kabobs or fajitas or quesadillas.  Also found a great looking recipe for dutch oven bacon cheese "pull aparts."  Looks easy and tasty.  Dinner rolls, cheese, bacon and butter.  (We can do something healthier for the adults)  I'd like to use our Dutch oven, since we bought it.

For dessert, Steph suggested banana boats, or I found a recipe for smores cones which looks great too.  

Booth Sale today 5-7 at Roberts
Booth Sale after 12:30 mass at SPX church

Friendship Circle

See you at the Booth Sale!

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