Friday, February 1, 2013

Meeting Feb. 1 2013

Happy February Juniors!  

Roll Call:  Kaylor
Promise:  Jaylin
Law:  Grace
Pledge:  Tori
Hostesses:  Sofi. V, Sofia B.
Jumping:  Kerri, Isabella
Circle Starter:  Mae-Mae

Roll Call, Promise, Law and Pledge, please come forward!

Money for Tea Party--Jumping Scouts help collect
Give Sofi Venezia Info on Simple Meals
Cookie sales--does anyone have any numbers to give me?  

Patches:  McFadden Cabin Patch
Social Butterfly Patch.
My Mom's a Cookie Mom:  Kaylor

Snack--Thanks to Savannah and family!

Report on Lakeview Scout Parade and McFadden Cabin Hike.

NOW:  Last few days to sell cookies.  Have numbers in by tomorrow!
NEXT WEEK:  No meeting.  Happy Mardi Gras!
Feb. 22:  Next meeting
Feb. 23:  It's Your Story, Write It! Day
On Saturday, Feb. 23, GSLE is sponsoring "It's Your Story, Tell It! Day" at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux.  They are going to have all kinds of activities there, really something for everyone.  This is part of our aMuse journey badge work, too.  Here are GSLE's top 10 reasons to attend:
  1. NFL Saints Experience- challenging inflatable fun
  2. New Orleans Hornets - basketball clinic just for us
  3. Speaking of the Saints and the Hornets- Mrs. Gayle Benson,  First Lady of the Saints and the Hornets,will kick-off the day with a warm keynote speech.
  4. Hands-on fun - Nicholls State students will lead activities that encourage self-confidence while having a blast. 
  5. Food!  The  John Folse Culinary Institute will be hosting cooking demonstrations.
  6. Shape your story with things you enjoy-  science, theater, music, business
  7. Tell your story- Tips on public speaking and performance
  8. Engaging conversations with successful women in athletics, government, advertising and science    
  9. Pick up tips on how to be a better friend to others and yourself.
  10. NCAA Athletics-  balancing sports and college life. Did you know the Women's Final Four will be played in New Orleans?

If anyone else is interested, please let me know.  I will be taking Isabella for sure!  $10/per girl, free for adults!  Lunch is not included, buffet for $8.  I would love to see our troop participate. 

Feb. 25:  Deliver Cookies
Mar. 1:  No Meeting
Mar. 1-17  Booth Sales TBA
Mar. 2:  Model for a Day, Longue Vue Tea Party!
Mar. 8:  Next meeting:  plan for camping!
Mar. 15-17:  Family Camping at Camp Whispering Pines!
Mar. 22:  Meeting
Mar. 29:  No meeting.  Happy Easter!
Apr. 5:  Meeting
Apr. 12:  Meeting
Apr. 19:  2:30 dismissal early meeting
Apr. 26:  No meeting
May 3:  No meeting
TUES May 7:  Meeting
May 10-12:  Possible camping

Badge work:  Casting Call Log

Circle:  Let's Be Friends!

Have a great weekend!

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