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Cookie Sales Begin THIS FRIDAY, Jan. 18!

Hello Juniors and parents!  Did everyone see the article in the Advocate this week about our Cookie Rally?  Ellie, Kerri and Savannah represented our troop beautifully in both the picture and the article.  Thanks to all of you girls who are proud to be Girl Scouts! (I've included the article below)

We had a great time Friday night and are fired up about selling cookies.  If you haven't gotten your yellow form into Debby yet, please do!  Cookie sales begin THIS FRIDAY.  Once we have your yellow form, we can give you the order form. 

Since we don't have a meeting this week, please remember that the final payment to the troop should be in CASH.  We are not allowed to accept checks, and unfortunately things happen, and I have had problems with bending this rule before.  You should not be accepting payment now anyway (payment on delivery is the norm) but if you are, keep this rule in mind.

I have canceled the meeting this Friday in order to allow the girls to primp and prep for the Father-Daughter dance at SPX.  Our next meeting will be next week, Jan. 25.  

Lakeview Scout Parade is Saturday at 1.  For any information, call Debby Grimm at 650-1200.

I got a GREAT response to the modeling for a day/tea party event on Mar. 2. (Grace's birthday, don't forget to celebrate!)  Everyone is going except me!  :(  But that's okay, I know y'all will take great pictures, and someone will video my daughter on the catwalk, right?  Here's who's going:

All 11 girls, 10 moms, 1 more guest for Tori and Sofia B., and 3 more guests for Kerri.  That's 26 total.  At $22 per person, that adds up to $572.  I can assure you we don't have that much in the troop account!  :)  The payment is due to Longue Vue on Feb. 4, so to be safe, please send me your check or cash as soon as possible, by the next meeting at the latest (Jan. 25).  Feel free to send it through Isabella if you want to get it out of the way.

I've had several requests for going family camping, so I am working on that.  I'm requesting Camp Whispering Pines for March 15.  If I can't get it for some reason, I'm going to look at some other campgrounds for that date.  If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.  Please feel free to comment below!  Also, I'd like to do troop camping on May 10-12, although that Saturday is city park night.  If we wait till the next weekend, we can't go to Covington, but Marydale would be ok with me.  There's a pool there, and we can canoe and/or ride horses too.

One more event coming up that I'd like to attend and I'll take as many girls that want to go.  (May need another driver, though).  On Saturday, Feb. 23, GSLE is sponsoring "It's Your Story, Tell It! Day" at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux.  They are going to have all kinds of activities there, really something for everyone.  This is part of our aMuse journey badge work, too.  Here are GSLE's top 10 reasons to attend:

  1. NFL Saints Experience- challenging inflatable fun
  2. New Orleans Hornets - basketball clinic just for us
  3. Speaking of the Saints and the Hornets- Mrs. Gayle Benson,  First Lady of the Saints and the Hornets,will kick-off the day with a warm keynote speech.
  4. Hands-on fun - Nicholls State students will lead activities that encourage self-confidence while having a blast. 
  5. Food!  The  John Folse Culinary Institute will be hosting cooking demonstrations.
  6. Shape your story with things you enjoy-  science, theater, music, business
  7. Tell your story- Tips on public speaking and performance
  8. Engaging conversations with successful women in athletics, government, advertising and science    
  9. Pick up tips on how to be a better friend to others and yourself.
  10. NCAA Athletics-  balancing sports and college life. Did you know the Women's Final Four will be played in New Orleans?

If anyone else is interested, please let me know.  I will be taking Isabella for sure!  $10/per girl, free for adults!  Lunch is not included, buffet for $8.  I would love to see our troop participate.

That's all for now!


Advocate staff photo by SUSAN POAG-- From left, Brownie Scout Georgia Jacobson, 7, and Girl Scouts Ellie Karcher, Kerri Rose and Savannah Fields, all 9, attend a 'cookie rally' with girls from troops from Lakeview and Gentilly at St. Pius X School gymnasium in New Orleans on Friday.Hide caption
Advocate staff photo by SUSAN POAG-- From left, Brownie Scout Georgia Jacobson, 7, and Girl Scouts Ellie Karcher, Kerri Rose and Savannah Fields, all 9, attend a 'cookie rally' with girls from troops from Lakeview and Gentilly at St. Pius X School gymnasium in New Orleans on Friday.
Lake Vista Girl Scouts share secrets to fundraising success
Girl Scout cookies go on sale Friday, and Scouts all over the New Orleans metro area gathered for cookie rallies last week to collect supplies, hear sales tips and safety rules, play games and, of course, taste-test this year’s cookies. From left, Brownie Scout Georgia Jacobson, 7, and Ellie Karcher, Kerri Rose and Savannah Fields, all 9, of Troop 40766, attended a rally at St. Pius X Elementary School in Lake Vista on Friday. The troop will use this year’s cookie money to go on a camping trip, and will donate some cookies to Covenant House. The girls, seasoned cookie salespeople, answered a few questions at the rally.
WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT BEING IN GIRL SCOUTS, AND HAVE YOU EARNED ANY BADGES? Ellie : I like going camping, and I like Scouting events that help others and animals. ... I earned a badge for helping the environment. I decided to help the sea turtles when I saw them covered in oil from the BP oil leak. I had a lemonade sale in front of my house and raised almost $300 for the sea turtles. Kerri We just earned the Social Butterfly badge. I earned it by learning about manners. We learned how to make nice thank you notes, ... how to include everyone and not to be disappointed about any gift.
THERE ARE EIGHT KINDS OF COOKIES FOR SALE THIS YEAR. WHICH IS YOUR FAVORITE? Kerri Thin Mints. I love the chocolatey taste. Savannah My favorite cookie is the Savannah Smiles. They’re my favorite because that’s my name!
WHAT IS THE SECRET TO SELLING LOTS OF COOKIES?Savannah Have good salesmanship. Be polite and know how to answer questions about what you’re selling. Ellie I do puppy-dog eyes at my grandmother. Kerri I recommend always smiling. Georgia I ask people a million times.
To order cookies from Troop 40766, call (504) 914-4939. To find a troop selling cookies near you, go to

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