Friday, December 14, 2012

Meeting Dec. 14: Social Butterfly!

Welcome to the meeting!  Thanks to Mrs. Grace Marie Rose for helping us earn our badge!

Roll Call:  Grace
Promise:  Tori
Law:  Sofia B.
Pledge:  Kaylor
Jumping Scout:  Sofi V., Isabella, Ellie
Hostesses:  Mae Mae, Kerri (snack), Savannah
Circle Starter:  Jaylin

Social Butterfly:  A Quick Guide to Ettiquette
How to talk to someone new
   Including them in your conversation
   Stop talking about private things so they feel included
   Ask them about themselves--open questions (not yes or no)
      Tell me about your family
      What kind of music do you like?
      What do you like to do?
   Invite them to play

Role Playing

Christmas Time!  Receiving Gifts
   Saying Thank you (even if you don't love it!)
   Don't tell them you already have it
   Don't roll your eyes! 
   Write a thank you note--tell them how you will use it
   Don't assume it's a joke!

Giving gifts
   Homemade gifts are so nice!
   What would THAT person really like? 

Thank you notes:  When to write them?
   If they are there, say thank you right away. 
     (You can still write a thank you note if you want!)
   If they are not there, write a thank you note.

Fancy Eating
   Silverware--outside in
   Everything moves from left to right
   Don't argue
   Be respectful
   Use your napkin (that should be in your lap!)
   Wear nice clothes (no stained clothes, modest clothes)
   Good posture
   Don't cut your meat all at once.  Cut it as you eat it.
   Use butter knife to put it on plate, your knife to spread it
   Wait until everyone is served before you eat
   Be polite
   When you're finished, put your silverware at 4:00 position
   No coffee?  Turn your cup over
   Practice conversation starters
   Set a good example for others

Making Homemade Thank you notes!

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