Friday, December 14, 2012

Meeting Dec. 14: Social Butterfly!

Welcome to the meeting!  Thanks to Mrs. Grace Marie Rose for helping us earn our badge!

Roll Call:  Grace
Promise:  Tori
Law:  Sofia B.
Pledge:  Kaylor
Jumping Scout:  Sofi V., Isabella, Ellie
Hostesses:  Mae Mae, Kerri (snack), Savannah
Circle Starter:  Jaylin

Social Butterfly:  A Quick Guide to Ettiquette
How to talk to someone new
   Including them in your conversation
   Stop talking about private things so they feel included
   Ask them about themselves--open questions (not yes or no)
      Tell me about your family
      What kind of music do you like?
      What do you like to do?
   Invite them to play

Role Playing

Christmas Time!  Receiving Gifts
   Saying Thank you (even if you don't love it!)
   Don't tell them you already have it
   Don't roll your eyes! 
   Write a thank you note--tell them how you will use it
   Don't assume it's a joke!

Giving gifts
   Homemade gifts are so nice!
   What would THAT person really like? 

Thank you notes:  When to write them?
   If they are there, say thank you right away. 
     (You can still write a thank you note if you want!)
   If they are not there, write a thank you note.

Fancy Eating
   Silverware--outside in
   Everything moves from left to right
   Don't argue
   Be respectful
   Use your napkin (that should be in your lap!)
   Wear nice clothes (no stained clothes, modest clothes)
   Good posture
   Don't cut your meat all at once.  Cut it as you eat it.
   Use butter knife to put it on plate, your knife to spread it
   Wait until everyone is served before you eat
   Be polite
   When you're finished, put your silverware at 4:00 position
   No coffee?  Turn your cup over
   Practice conversation starters
   Set a good example for others

Making Homemade Thank you notes!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Coming Soon to a Girl Scout Troop Near YOU!

Meeting Minutes:

More aMusing Roles
The last couple of meetings have been lots of fun.  Dec. 1 the girls worked more on their aMuse badges, coming up with lots of roles for girls and observing the women in their lives and what their roles are.  Girl Scouts are all about helping girls to be all they can be, and the first step is knowing all the possibilities that are out there.

Who says Girls Can't Build?
On Dec. 7, the girls made adorable gingerbread houses with the help of Liz Karcher and materials from Lowe's.  They fit the pieces of wood together, hammered the nails in, put the stickers on, and hopefully brought them home to help decorate your homes!  The girls learned a lot about carpentry, following directions, and even coming up with solutions when faced with challenges.  Thank you Liz for leading this meeting!

Meeting Friday
This coming Friday, Dec. 14, we have a meeting.  We will be doing the Social Butterfly badge with Grace Marie Rose and Kerri is bringing snack.

Christmas Party
The following week we are going to have our Christmas Party on Thursday, Dec. 20.  The girls get out of school at 11:00 and the Grimms have graciously offered their house for the celebration.  We will walk over to their house right after school.  We'd love to have some parents there.  The girls decided to do a gently used gift exchange and a singalong like they did a couple of years ago.  We will party till 1:00 to usher in the holidays!

New Orleans Bowl
On the horizon, I sent an email asking if anyone is interested in heading up a trip to the New Orleans Bowl this year.  It is at 11 am, Dec. 22, and UL-Lafayette is playing East Carolina.

The New Orleans Bowl invites all Girl Scouts to come adorn the field for the National Anthem prior to kick off of this very special local event! You’ll also get to participate in pre-game activities. Girls will then be able to sit in a special Girl Scout section for the game. Friends and family are invited to attend and sit together, but only girls and leaders will be allowed through the special entrance and onto the field. This event is also being offered to Boy Scouts. 

Where: Mercedes-Benz Superdome, Sugar Bowl Dr., New Orleans, LA 70112
Fee: Free to all registered Girl Scouts and Troop Leaders; $10 each for friends and family.
Registration Instructions:
 Tickets must be ordered prior to the game by completing the New Orleans Bowl registration form found in the forms section, and faxing or mailing with payment (for family or friends tickets) to: Girl Scouts Louisiana East, 841 S. Clearview Parkway, New Orleans, LA 70121 / Fax: 504-733-8219.
Order form: New Orleans Bowl registration form
Staff Contact: Kevin Shipp at 504-733-8220, ext. 2243 for more information.
Notes: Visit for game details and other information. Girl Scout uniforms or T-shirts are encouraged.

Cookie time is almost upon us.  I plan on having a parent meeting to go over some important procedures sometime in early January.  Our cookie rally will once again be at the SPX gym on Jan. 18, 2013.  That is the kick-off day for pre-orders.  Dates:

Jan. 18--Feb. 3   Pre-orders
Feb. 22--Mar. 1   Delivery
Mar. 1--Mar. 17   Booth Sales

Model for a Day and Tea Party at Longue Vue 
We need to get a head count for all who want to go to the Longue Vue House Tea on March 10 from 12-3 pm.  Our troop is signed up to Model for this event.  That part is free.  If anyone wants to come and watch, and then the girls take part in the tea party after, tickets are $22 each and we have to put a deposit down and reserve spots.  Please let me know how many will attend as soon as possible.  They sell out pretty quickly!

Model for a Day at Longue Vue House and Gardens
Fun, fashion and Girl Scouts! You can be a model for the Girl Scout Fashion Show and Tea at Longue Vue House and Gardens on March 2, 2013! Your audience will be sister Girl Scouts, troop leaders, and parents who will be attending. The clothes modeled will be from the Girl Scouts Louisiana East Council Shop. The time commitment is a fitting at the Council Shop a few weeks prior to the tea along with the actual day of the tea.
When: Saturday, March 2, 2013, 12-3 plus a fitting date to be announced 

Girl Scout Fashion Show and Tea at Longue Vue
Come in your favorite outfit and watch a fashion show of Girl Scout apparel modeled by your sister Girl Scouts, followed by an informative and engaging presentation by “Ms. Manners.” You will be sipping tea and lemonade and dining on tea sandwiches, cookies, and scones. A complimentary house tour is available for all who attend.
Fee: $22 per person
Capacity: Multiple troops allowed; Maximum seating 60 guests 
Contact: Lydia Vaughn at 504-293-4722 or to check space availability; register over the phone; or for more information.

Even farther out on the horizon, we are planning a service unit camping trip at Camp Covington on April 5-7.  Mark your calendars now!  

Friday, December 7, 2012

Meeting Dec. 7 2012

Hey Juniors!  Today Mrs. Karcher is going to lead us in a fun meeting with a cool craft!  

Thanks Mrs. Karcher!  See you all next week.  Kerri will have snack, and Mrs. Grace Marie will lead us in our Social Butterfly patch.  
More blasts from the past...

Have a great weekend!