Thursday, November 29, 2012

Meeting November 30

Hello Juniors!  Check the kaper chart:


All girls with these jobs come to the front and be ready!
Roll Call       Promise         Law       Pledge

Opening Ceremony:  What are girls expected to be in life?  Everyone name one expectation.
Are ALL of these expectations right for you?  
Are there good expectations and harmful expectations?
Shake it off!  
Everyone name one thing that helps describe who you really are.  Then we can all say:  "That's who you're supposed to be!"

Snack and November Reflections

Christmas Ornaments!  Go see the SPX Girl Scout tree at City Park during Celebration of the Oaks!

Thanks to all the scouts who performed Color Guard duty during Nov. 12-16!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  What are you all thankful for?

Upcoming Events:  Meetings every week until school lets out!  
Dec. 7:  Ellie has snack, Mrs. Karcher leads meeting!
Dec. 14:  Kerri has snack

Dec. 20:  Christmas party?  Kaylor has offered her house again.  What will we do this year?

Dec. 22:  New Orleans Bowl

New Orleans Bowl 2011 

aMuse Badgework:  
Time to Mingle
Everyone walk in a circle, and say "mingle mingle mingle..." until the leader shouts "Freeze!" and points to someone.  If she points to you, say one thing about yourself:  My name is ______ and I _____.  
Then the girl across the circle has to repeat what she said in the style the leader says (happily, whiny, boldly, curiously, giggly, formally like a president, like you have a cold, rushed, very tired, sweetly, angrily, sadly, secretly, excitedly, etc.)
Every girl should have a chance to be the leader and have a chance to speak.
What roles and voices did you like?  Which ones did you not like?  Why?
Get out your Workbooks!
Remember our last meeting in here, when we listed our favorite girl characters and started making up our own character?  
Keep a Casting Call Log  Pages 16-17--  Six Names and the Roles they Play.  Each of you needs to fill out this form as a step toward your "Reach Out" badge.

Winding Down
Clean up
Friendship Circle

See you next Friday!

And now, a blast from the past!

Who are these little girls???

Cookie Rally 2011

Friends Forever!

Did someone say cookie?

First time summer campers at Marydale, 2011

Frisbee friends!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

News and Notes

Good afternoon Troop 40766!
We had a great time at our joint meeting last Tuesday with all the other SPX troops making Christmas ornaments.  These ornaments will appear on the City Park SPX Girl Scout tree, so that is why they didn't come home with them.  I wish I had thought to take pictures of them while we were making them, but alas.  Jodi Lafranca and her troop are decorating our tree today after school, so I'm sure she will have a few she can share.  As soon as I know where our tree is, I will let you know.

Don't forget to take the poll!  What are your three favorite girl scout activities?  (It's in the margin on the right.)  

Upcoming events:

We will not have a troop meeting this Friday due to the Thanksgiving holiday.  I know a few people are trying to get out of town early, so have a great holiday, and we will see you at our next meeting, November 30.   

Updated Snack Schedule:

Nov. 30:  Jaylin
Dec. 7:  Ellie
Dec. 14:  Kerri
Jan. 4:  Kaylor
Jan. 11:  Sofia Venezia
Jan. 18:  No meeting, COOKIE RALLY at 7 pm
Jan. 25:  Savannah
Feb. 1:  Isabella
Feb. 8/15:  No meetings, Mardi Gras Holidays

Would we like our meeting on Dec. 14 to be a Christmas party?  If so, where, when, and what should we do?  Two years ago we were at Debby's house, and did a gently used gift exchange and a Christmas Carol sing-off.  That was fun.  Last year we didn't have one at all.  I'm happy to host it here, but we would need drivers.  It would be nice to be able to just walk over somewhere after school.

Activities/events for November & December
Check out the website calendar to see what November and December events have been planned.  Go to the appropriate month and day, and click on the link for details including registration deadlines, grade levels, times, fees, etc.
Nov. 17 - Tulane Green Wave Cheer Clinic & Halftime performance (grades K-12), New Orleans
Nov. 17 - Girl Scout Day at Longue Vue House & Gardens (grades K-12), New Orleans
Nov. 22-23 - Council offices closed for Thanksgiving
Nov. 30 - Ivanov's Gymnastics Friday Night Fun Night (all ages), Metairie
Dec. 22 - New Orleans Bowl (all ages), New Orleans
Dec. 28 - Ivanov's Gymnastics Friday Night Fun Night (all ages), Metairie
Jan. 12 - Smart Cookie U (Juniors-Amb), Hammond
Jan. 18 - Cookie Rally!  SPX

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  

New Old Pics:  One year ago...

Who remembers where these were taken?
Proud of their work!
Don't let anyone tell you they don't know how to sweep!

Remember the corn maze????

Uh-oh, What did Kerri do?
Buried Alive!
Corn Crib

A beautiful fall day with sisters and brothers!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ch ch ch ch Changes and Service Opportunity

Just doing a little restructuring.  If you could hit the "Follow by Email" button on the right, you will get an email each time I update the site.  Please encourage your girls to get on and make comments if they want to contribute.  For instance, Sofi Venezia wanted me to put on here that MARYDALE ROCKS!  And the Sofias are awesome.

Also, I added a little poll they can take about their favorite girl scout activities.  I'd like to do a different one every couple of weeks.  It's actually a great way to find out what the girls like and want to do!

Our next meeting will be TUESDAY, November 6, right after early dismissal.  All the troops at SPX will be decorating their Christmas Tree ornaments for the City Park tree.  We will not have a meeting on Friday.

Here's a link Jodi shared with her troop about a very fun looking service opportunity on Saturday, Nov. 17.  I will not be able to go if it is Saturday afternoon, but if anyone is interested, maybe we could get a group together.  Let me know.  See you soon!


The Color Run™ is a one of a kind experience that is less about speed and more about enjoying a color crazy day with your friends and family. 
As the New Orleans race nonprofit partner the Arts Council of New Orleans is calling for volunteers interested in taking part in the Happiest 5k on Earth. Race registration is already full, so volunteering is the best way to take part in the color festivities.
What is the Color Run™? The original creator of the new paint race phenomena, The Color Run™ 5k race starts with runners in pristine coloring book white and ends with runners looking like they fell into a Willy Wonka tie dyed vat of colored goodness.  Participants get covered in color through individual color stations along the race course and end the event with a mega color throw during the color festival finish.
Volunteers assist with sign up, packet preparation, throwing color, post-race color festival and keeping the party going. The Arts Council and Color Run team need volunteer support from Thursday, Nov. 15th to Saturday, Nov. 17th.  Don't miss your opportunity to be part of The Happiest 5K On The Planet!

 CALL 504.304.2925 FOR MORE INFO 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Meeting Agenda 11-2-12

Good afternoon girls!  This is so much easier than powerpoint!  Here's our agenda for the day:



All girls with these jobs come
to the front and be ready!

Roll Call

On my honor, I will try
To help people at all times
To serve God and my country
And to live by the Girl Scout Law


I will do my best to be

Honest and Fair
Friendly and helpful,
Considerate and caring,
Courageous and strong,
And Responsible for what I say and do,
And to
Respect myself and others,
Respect authority
Use resources wisely
Make the World a Better Place
And be a sister to every Girl Scout
October Reflections

Oct. 12:  Fish Fry--very successful! Thank you for all your help!

Oct. 19-21:  Camping Trip at Marydale--see pictures on blog!
Get your Camping Badges!  

November upcoming events:

November 6:  Next meeting--making Christmas ornaments.  TUESDAY, not Friday, after early dismissal.  Sofia Venezia--Snack.

November 12--16th:  Color Guard Flag Duty.  Mornings and afternoons.  If we don't do it, flag doesn't go up!

November 16:  No meeting--get an early start on Thanksgiving holidays!

November 17:  Fun Run--see Cadette Troop's Blog

November 30:  Next meeting AFTER Thanksgiving holidays.  Jaylin--Snack

aMuse Badgework:  Get out your workbooks!

Pages 10-11--All About Roles
Pages 12-13--Five Favorite Girl Characters and a New Character!

Pages 16-17--Keep a Casting Call Log:  Six Names

Winding DoWN
Clean up
Friendship Circle

See you next Tuesday!